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January 8, 2008


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Barack Rides the Wave

Barack Obama’s recent win in Iowa has given him a commanding ten per cent lead in the New Hampshire Primary polls over Hillary Clinton. People are beginning to call them momentum omentum and many feel that Obama, who used to surf in Hawaii, can ride the wave all the way to the White House.

A victory in South Carolina, which has a large African-American voting population, could pose a reality check and challenge to many in the established black leadership and Congressional Black Caucus.

Leaders like Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee have chosen to back the status-quo candidate Sen. Clinton. Of course, you all know that according to black folks, Bill Clinton is really America first black president.

As an African-American and Muslim carrying the post 9-11 whammy of worrying about driving while black and flying as a Muslim, I have the following poignant questions to ask Mr. Obama:

  • What overhaul(s) will be made to the now overtly politicized Justice Department? Especially the civil-rights division, which has done little to pursue legitimate discrimination, civil-rights complaints of minorities and protect the rights of minorities.

  • How would you use your cabinet appointment of the Secretary of the Treasury and the OMB to ensure that the First Amendment rights of American Muslims to make lawful charitable donations and participate in legitimate philanthropic activities at home and abroad are not circumvented?

  • Beyond protecting our borders what will an Obama Administration do to protect those lawfully within our borders against discrimination, harassment, and the misconduct of law enforcement? And by the way Mr. Obama, why is the it taking so long for Muslim males, after being deemed eligible, to get their green cards and citizenship?

  • Will you dismantle that bloated monstrosity called the Department of Homeland Security – housing such disasters (no pun intended) as FEMA and the do-nothing Civil Rights Division of Homeland Security headed by John Sutherland?

  • Do you support hate crimes legislation and Congressman Conyers’ Law Enforcement Integrity and Accountability Act?

  • Finally, what would you do to ensure that the 14 Amendment, “equal protection under the law”, is enforced at airports, on U.S. highways, borders, and within the justice system?

Now, with some clarity, and the right commitments on the above questions, perhaps the African-American community won’t have to blindly support the wife of Bill “The Black President Pretender”. We could possibly have the real thing.

And I, Mahdi Bray, could possibly drive and fly in peace. Assalamu alaikum, peace be upon you.


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