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February 4, 2008

The American Un-Truth Forum Conference

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Over the weekend an event was held in Texas by a group calling itself the America’s Truth Forum titled “Exposing the Threat of Islamist Terrorism”  The forum showcased very-little in the way of truth and a lot in the way of hucksters hyping a threat from Muslims in order to line their pockets.One of the speakers, Joe Kauffman, was particularly happy to be in Texas again as last time he was around a court issued a restraining order in order to prevent him from harassing Muslim children trying to enjoy themselves at Six Flags.

Joining Kauffman in his motley gang were Muslim-haters from Christian Zionists to Pro-Israel hawks such as Frank Gaffney to self-hating Arabs like Wafa Sultan and a former cigarette-counterfeiter to those trying to become rich and famous from spreading misinformation about Muslims such as Robert Spencer.

We are happy to report that according to sources the event drew a smaller crowd than expected and as other events have demonstrated the Muslim -haters cannot match their mouths and egos to a substantial following in America outside of the fringe right-wing elements of this society and their message of hate is falling on a deaf ear.

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