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February 5, 2008

MAS Freedom Electoral Success Triggers Dirty Tricks and Smear Campaigns

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (MASNET) Feb. 5, 2008 – The successful effort of the MAS Freedom (MASF) Voting Is Power (VIP) campaign and the Muslim American Society’s Center for Electoral Empowerment (MAS-CEE), throughout the 2004-06 election season, has become the target of dirty tricks and smear campaigns by Islamophobic advocacy groups dedicated to circumventing the constitutional right of Muslim Americans to actively participate in the American political process.

At the top of the list is none other than Steve Emerson, so-called ‘terrorist expert’, who, in an appearance on the Fox News Network’s Bill Hammer Show, insinuated that the success of the MAS/MAS Freedom voter registration, education and mobilization programs, covered in national media, was to be feared. 
Emerson made his usual allegations against MAS/MAS Freedom using choice phrases such as, ‘terrorist supporters’ and the McCarthy-like ‘guilt by association’; eluding to the ‘5th Column’, and borrowing from the 1960 Bull Connor racist playbook, pulling out the term, ‘subversive’.

And to the discredit of Hammer and Fox News, Emerson’s allegations were left unchallenged. Neither was an opportunity provided for an opposing view.

If Fox is the ‘fair and balanced’ network it claims to be, then the guest list of Fox news programs ought to reflect a diverse spectrum of ideas and sources.

More recently, it seems, an individual(s) or group(s) in Mississippi have been going door-to-door claiming to represent MAS/MAS Freedom in order to conduct voter registration – a rather peculiar development considering that neither MAS nor MAS Freedom have chapters or representatives in the state of Mississippi. Suffice it to say, there is no voter registration campaign, at present, being conducted in the state of Mississippi by MAS or MAS Freedom.
This latest misrepresentation is reminiscent of the ‘dirty tricks’ campaigns in Florida and rural Pennsylvania, where individuals were deliberately and inappropriately attempting to register voters by posing as MAS/MAS Freedom representatives, and then leaking it to the media. 

Who would do that?
Could it be the same groups who claim to love America, yet want to derail the US Constitution by preventing Muslim Americans from participating in the political process?
Maybe, time will tell. 


One might pause to consider – if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it’s a duck – or at least an Islamophobic goose.

MAS Freedom will continue to urge not only Muslim Americans, but all Americans to participate in the civic process.

The dark past of this great nation harbors countless numbers who have been beaten, lynched and murdered – seeking the right to vote. We vow to continue their quest – the right of all Americans to vote.

We are proud that many of our fellow Americans have recognized the tremendous role that MAS and MAS Freedom have played in politically organizing the Muslim American community, we will not succumb to the tactics used by racist segregationists from a bygone era.

We will not be dissuaded by so-called ‘terrorist experts’ or bigots. We will register, educate, mobilize, and vote. We will be heard. 


MAS Introduces to the Muslim Community its New High Tech Voter Website and Center for Electoral Empowerment

YouTube – MAS VIP


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