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February 11, 2008

A Muslim Making You Laugh?

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Muslim comedian Azhar Usman joked about the stereotypes surrounding the Islamic faith and its connection to terrorism at Jack Morton Auditorium Friday.

The televised news broadcast put on by CNN Turk’s Mithat Bereket involved a short stand-up routine from Usman, followed by an informal town hall question-and-answer session between the Chicago native and the audience. Throughout the broadcast, Usman strived to convey the true nature of Muslim people and his own ideas about how to improve America’s perception of Islam.

“Unlike what most people believe, the reality of Islam as a theological tradition is that it is a religion of mercy,” said Usman, a member of the “Allah Made Me Funny” comedy troupe. “The Muslim concept of Allah is that he is a god of mercy.”

The laid back standup artist said the primary reason for the negative perception of Islam is from negative media attention. He said in order to overcome this perception, American-Muslim people must get involved.

“We as Muslims have to get involved in media and entertainment,” Usman said. “I wish that there were more Muslim movie directors, and screenwriters, and actors and musicians. I think that we need to get out there and take on these positions in a major way if we hope to seriously change people’s perceptions.”

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