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February 26, 2008

No, Not Again Nader

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In the year 2000 consumer-rights advocate and long time activist Ralph Nader ran for the Presidency of the United Sates saying that there was no real tangible difference between Democratic Presidential Candidate Al Gore and Republican candidate George W. Bush. Most experts believe that the existence of Nader in the race, as the Green Party candidate, cost Gore the election (particular as it related to the disputed Bush margin of victory in Florida and the votes Nader pulled from Gore).

Since 2000 the Republican Administration of President Bush has enacted the Patriotic Act and the Super Patriot Act, launched an illegal pre-emptive war and occupation against the people of Iraq leading to tremendous bloodshed, and has given up any semblance of being a neutral-partner in a non-existent Middle-East Peace Process. Meanwhile, Gore has won the Nobel Peace Prize for his campaign against Global Climate Change and been a steadfast opponent against the war in Iraq.

The candidacy of Nader in 2000 in retrospect was ill-advised; but, for the sake of argument, one could say maybe this was a necessary and painful step in order to wean America away from the Two-Party System in the pursuit of building a multi-party European-style system.   

However, in the eight years since 2000 how much grassroots organizing and party-building has Nader done? Has he built the Green Party into a legitimate force in American political life? Has he helped to get obstacles removed for third parties to get on the ballot? No, he has not.

In 2004 Nader did not run as a Green Party candidate at all but rather as an independent candidate and in the four years since that time instead of building a party and a movement Nader has tried to build a personality cult and in announcing that he will seek the highest office in the land in 2008, without any party support, lets us know that this effort is not about the American people – its about Ralph.


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  1. Just as in 2000… and we saw who we got then!!!

    A vote for Nader was a vote for Bush.

    And now:
    A vote for Nader is a vote for McCain!


    If ya’ like going to war in the wrong country for no apparent reason vote McCain.

    Uhhh…lemme see… terrorists from Saudi Arabia flew planes into buildings on the direction of another Saudi in Afghanistan…. soooo….OBVIOUSLY… we should invade Iraq.

    Yep! Lemme have some more of that logic…. Maybe Bush can run as Vice-President…. Is that allowed? Because he and his staff are real geniuses.

    Remember folks, the ONLY reason Bush got the White House was because of Nader. Thus Nader can be blamed for: The Iraq War, The economy, The price of oil, and possibly even 9-11.(one can only guess on that last one) McCain is just as nutty as Bush but smarter which makes him more dangerous.

    Comment by dune23 — March 1, 2008 @ 8:07 am

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