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April 14, 2008

Carter Attacked for Extending An Olive Branch in a Time of Hate

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“Do not kill the messenger ” was the old saying; but in today’s geo-political world that should be changed to “do not kill the peacemaker”.

We are seeing on a regular basis the demonizing of all of those who wish to extend the olive branch of peace to warring parties. Those who reach out to people who have been ignored and looked over in peace discussions in the past are themselves accused of fanning the flames of war.

Today, we see such an example in the attacks on the former President Jimmy Carter as he meets with Hamas leader Khaled Meshal. Instead of recognizing this as a bold and courageous step many in the media and political world are attacking Carter for meeting with the leader of an organization with the popular support of the Palestinian people as demonstarted in electoral victories.

The forces who line up to attack Carter need to instead ask themselves what solutions do they have? The old way of doing things ( America with a one-sided support of Israel while ignoring Palestinian leaders and their aspirations) has not been working and we know that the only future a continuance of this American attitude can bring is more violence and suffering. So, in the interest of peace and justice, why not support President Carter as he takes this bold step?


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