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May 6, 2008

NC Muslims Ready to Vote

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Muslim American Society (MAS) is a non-profit organization and as a result it does not endorse, but nothing forbids it to educate. As you go to the polls to vote for something better, or perhaps something new, please remember that on the back roads of Mississippi, still in America 2008, thousands of children slowly starve their lives away, their minds damaged beyond repair by the age of four or five; there are broken men on Indian reservations where the unemployment rate is 85 percent and suicide is not a philosopher’s question but the leading cause of death among young people. In the camps of the migrant workers,  millions of nomads virtually unprotected by collective bargaining or social security, minimum wage or workmen’s compensation, are exposed to the whim of fate and the cruelty of their of their fellow man.

   A child born to this kind of life increasingly gets a sense of things, a sense of who he is and where he is and what his life is likely to be. One cannot stress enough how early it is that such a “sense of things,” complicated and subtle, yet eventually all too brutal and clear, begins to develop. Their parents naturally care about their children, yet have no conviction that such love and concern will matter, most of the time they simply go about the business of living or trying to get by on what they make. There are literally no choices. They cannot vote, cannot protest without risk, and cannot speak without being silenced. Due to illiteracy, some cannot even write the words that describe how wicked and cursed the order of things is.


That’s our job: Not mine, not yours, it’s ours.


   Every individual can enlist to be a guardian of humanity. Seriously, indifference to the plight our fellow man has left us with a world of full of burdened and underprivileged children, who like all other children, have their dreams; but they also have their doubts, very real ones that may lead to their destruction or the destruction of others. We’ve seen plenty of that.

Our ideal of America is a nation in which justice is done; and therefore the continuation of injustice, of unnecessary, unforgivable poverty in this materially blessed country, erodes our ideal of America and in the deepest sense erodes us all. Civic participation may not solve everything but most things that make the world worthwhile- a settled family, a decent job, a respectable place to lay one’s head- government plays a role in all of this; all can be crushed by a government that ignores the needs of its people. For this reason the indispensable humanity of man can only be protected when government is made to answer- not just to the rich, not to those of a particular race or religion, but to all of its people.


Each of our cities is a holding cell of nearly all the troubles of American life: poverty, homelessness, racism, inequality in education and ruined lives.  So while you’re captivated by the presidency, don’t ignore the state assembly. Politics begins at the local level. It’s all relative. Remember when the bottom rises everything above it is simultaneously elevated.


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