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November 3, 2008

Imam Mahdi Bray on Election 2008 via

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Interview with Imam Mahdi Bray

By IslamOnline.Net Muslim Affairs Team

Diverse is the American Muslim community; different ethnicities and dialects … Yet, Islam unites them under one umbrella in America. Being one of the most active political figures in the American Muslim community, Imam Mahdi Bray — Executive Director of MAS Freedom — is pushing Muslims towards more political participation, and thus more influence.

MAS Freedom’s VIP (Voting is Power) campaign set its goal clear; “Participating actively in the process of voting is a first step toward that political empowerment so vital to our ultimate goal of raising and developing exemplary citizens who will contribute to the greatness of our country, and whose convictions and dedication will illuminate the brilliance and beauty of the great message of Islam.”’s Muslim Affairs team had the pleasure to interview earlier this year the Executive Director of MAS Freedom Imam Mahdi Bray. He talked openly about Muslim in America, their political participation, and what MAS Freedom is doing about it. (more)

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