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February 18, 2010

Stand in Solidarity with the Irvine 11 – Quotable Quotes

Filed under: From the Desk of Imam Mahdi Bray — Imam Mahdi Bray @ 6:28 pm

“Non-violent direct action is part and parcel of the American protest culture, think where this nation would be if students didn’t disrupt the segregated lunch counters in the south, or if Dr. King didn’t disrupt the status quo of Jim Crow and discrimination in our nation. The Irvine Eleven are not criminals but students of conscience who have taken a principled stand on human rights and the sanctity of all life, non violent protest is as American as apple pie.”
-Imam Mahdi Bray, MAS Freedom

“I am in Spirit, Supplication and Heart 100% behind the Irvine 11! It is in the shade of Abdullah bin Masod, Hassan bin Thabat, Ashabul Kahf and Hassan and Hussein (peace be upon them) that they stood up! I encourage everyone to support them, and to call and insure that nothing happens to them, all be it in a legal manner. I am with you brothers and sisters!”
-Imam Suhaib Webb, Religious Leader and Teacher

“The 11 Muslim students took a stand for another people’s human rights, for what the best of America represents, and for what millions of people around the world admire Americans. So I thank the students for reminding me of why I am a proud American — because I have the responsibility of celebrating my freedom by demanding it for others.”
– Salam Al Marayati, MPAC

“The students voiced political views to shame the representative of a foreign government embroiled in controversy for its outrageous violations of international humanitarian and human rights
law. Delivering this message in a loud and shocking manner expressed the gravity of the charges leveled against Israeli policies, and falls within the purview of protected speech. The selective application of laws by off-campus law enforcement agencies to students engaged in constitutionally-protected political speech will be viewed by the American Muslim community and those who value free speech as an attempt to repress legitimate student protest and will undermine this important First Amendment Right.”

“Oh ye who believe, stand for justice.”
– The Holy Quran

Action Item:

Email the Chancellor of UCI and the Dean of Students now to offer your support for free speech of the 11 Muslim students — and Then call the District Attorney of Orange County at (949) 476-4650 to drop all charges against the students.


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