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February 23, 2010

Attorney for “Irvine 11” Affirms Fundamental Right of Protected Speech

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WASHINGTON, DC (MASNET) Feb. 22, 2010 – Reem Salahi, Esq, a California civil and human rights attorney representing the “Irvine 11” Muslim student protesters at the University of California-Irvine, spoke on the Crescent Report radio program on February 21st, 2009 to re-affirm her support for the students These 11 Muslim students, after disrupting a presentation given at the university by the Israeli ambassador to the United States, were subsequently removed from the auditorium and briefly detained by campus security personnel. They student now face disciplinary action and possible expulsion from the institution.

Attorney Salahi’s remarks can be heard on the Crescent Report internet program archive, located at

Ms. Salahi, who herself is a graduate of the University of California system, cited the constitutional guarantee of freedom of speech in her defense of the Muslim students, and noted that representatives of the government of Israel were unwilling to tell the truth about the occupation of Palestinian land and, more specifically, the ongoing economic embargo of Gaza, despite wide international condemnation of these acts. The Irvine 11 action has received wide attention and support here in the United States and throughout the world.

Imam Mahdi Bray, the host of the Crescent Report radio program, noted the similarity between this act of protest and the civil disobedience of students who challenges racially segregated lunch counters in the American South in 1960. In both cases, nonviolent actions were used to disrupt a “status quo” rooted in discrimination and injustice.

MAS Freedom is supporting these Muslim students and affirming their right to engage in lawful, nonviolent actions that challenge the injustices suffered by the people of Palestine.

Ibrahim Ramey
MAS Freedom Civil & Human Rights Director


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