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March 2, 2010

One Senator vs. A Million Unemployed Workers: A Power Story in Washington, DC

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Have You No Shame Senator Bunning?

With unemployment among middle America at 10% and soaring above 15% within minority communities, Senator Jim Bunning is blocking the extension of unemployment benefits for Americans who are currently out of work. What a sad commentary on the state of America when our lawmakers can give billions of American tax payer dollars to Wall Street looters and corporate thieves yet have a member of the Senate Congressional ‘club’ take food off of the plates of American workers who are the victims of an economic system gone mad. Check out the article below and call or fax Senator Bunning and ask him, “Have you no shame Senator Bunning.” Mahdi Bray

Quote of the Day: “Them that got is them that get and I ain’t got nothing yet.”

One Senator vs. A Million Unemployed Workers: A Power Story in Washington, DC

WASHINGTON, DC (MASNET) Mar. 02, 2010 – This story is not exactly breaking news, but if you happen to be among the millions of people who are out of work in America, it’s one that you should know: One member of the United States Senate, Senator Jim Bunning (R) from Kentucky, has effectively blocked the authorization of funds that would extend unemployment benefits to some one million workers in America. Senator Bunning’s rationale for blocking the authorization of these funds is that paying the benefits would add to the (very) swollen federal budget deficit.

Are we missing something that only Senator Bumming knows? I mean, the budget had been seriously out of wack since the end of the Clinton presidency. The national debt is reaching almost metaphysical dimensions.

But to deny, or delay, basic survival money to workers who, in many cases, have no savings and no income at all, even by Republican Party standards, is cruel and unusual punishment, indeed.

Senator Bunning needs to know the depth of economic insecurity and misery that confronts working people in America every day. They don’t have the privilege of tapping into their investment brokerage accounts for a little extra cash, or selling some mutual fund shares. Most working people with a job (as in, Just Over Broke) are barely making it. But for those who have no work, circumstances are far worse.

Obstructing the approval for the extension of unemployment benefits and money for road repairs and health care assistance-is not only mean, it’s unconscionable. America is in deep economic crisis because of the defects in the system of monopoly capitalism, and not because of unemployed people and the poor. Fixing these economic and deficit-spending problems must be a priority, but making workers suffer because the excesses of greed on Wall Street, absolutely is not the way to do it.

The Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) enjoined us to “pay the worker when the sweat is still on his brow”. The workers who depend on temporary unemployment compensation have, indeed, contributed sweat and honest labor for the benefit of the society-including the well-off politicians that reside, at least for now, in Congress.

We should remind Senator Jim Bunning that unemployed workers need to be respected-and they need their benefits. We urge you to deliver the message to the Senator and call on him to stop obstructing the extension of unemployment compensation. Please communicate with his Senate office by fax at (202) 228-1373, or by telephone at (202) 224-4343.

Your call will make a difference to a real working family-and it will remind Senator Bunning how much we appreciate the people who do the real work for America.

Ibrahim Ramey


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