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March 5, 2010

MAS Straight Path Youth Initiative Encourages Muslim Youth to Increase Civic Engagement Share

Filed under: From the Desk of Imam Mahdi Bray — Imam Mahdi Bray @ 4:39 pm

WASHINGTON, DC (MASNET) Mar. 05, 2010 – These are difficult times, both in America and in the world. But young Muslims are moving beyond despair and resignation to serve their community and nation in responsible and creative ways.

But the MAS Freedom Straight Path project will, insha’Allah, serve to educate young people about the dangers of irrational religious extremism, while offering them practical nonviolent alternatives that can better serve the legitimate interests of Muslim communities, while striving to make the overall society better as well.

How is this happening? Despite the Islamophobia evident in some political circles in America, and even the hostility against Muslims (and young Muslims in particular) by haters and anti-Muslim religious zealots, our young people continue to serve-and shine-in a variety of ways. The new Straight Path Young Muslims in the United States engage in public health education and outreach in mosques and Islamic community centers around the nation.

Muslim youth mobilized significant support for material major relief effort that addressed the effects of the massive earthquake in Haiti-including their own efforts on the ground in communities throughout Haiti.

Muslim youth also continue to participate in voter education and mobilization efforts that address issues of particular importance to Muslims, and to the larger community.

As we have often said at MAS Freedom, Muslim you are not criminal “suspects”-they are America’s brightest prospects. And through workshops and seminars, Straight Path will support them to shine even brighter.


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