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March 9, 2010

MAS Freedom’s Voting Is Power Campaign Gears Up for 2010 Registration and Mobilization Push Share

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Ever had your home shot up and torched? As a boy in the segregated south, I did. Your right to vote has been paid throughout the years in blood, sweat, and tears. Don’t take it lightly. Register, organize and mobilize. Check out the MASF VIP project.

Quote of the Day: “Ain’t no fun when the rabbit got the gun.”

MAS Freedom’s Voting Is Power Campaign Gears Up for 2010 Registration and Mobilization Push Share

WASHINGTON, DC (MASNET) Mar. 09, 2010 – For anyone who has not resided in a cave or been on the planet Mars over the last two years, the ferociously partisan struggles (of late) in the body of American politics are hardly news.  The health care policy wars may be the tip of the iceberg, but there are dozens of other important issues that will motivate droves of voters to the polls in November, 2010.

MAS Freedom’s VIP-Voting is Power-is gearing up to assure that large numbers of Muslim voters will be among those droves who cast their ballots later this year.

VIP is not a partisan initiative, and we do not endorse individual candidates or suggest how individual Muslims should vote.  But we are engaged in the registration and mobilization of Muslim voters, and in bringing candidates before important Muslim community locations to articulate their positions on the issues that impact Muslims, and all citizens.

Those national mega issues include, of course, our health care policy, immigration issues, national budget priorities, the conduct of wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and a host of other pressing national policy issues that our Congress is struggling with.

But voting also means that Muslims can help shape policies at the local, community level that are important for us: the funding of public schools, community employment and job training, zoning issues, public safety policy (including relationships between the Muslim community and law enforcement entities), and many, many other things that impact our quality of life.

And Muslim voters can have a huge impact on many local political races, just as we did in the United States Senate election in November, 2006, when Muslim votes were an acknowledged factor in the election of a candidate who won the election-and changed the partisan balance of the Senate in the process.

Over the next eight months, MAS Freedom will be bringing VIP to Muslim communities around the country, with an emphasis on places where Muslim residents form a potentially critical mass of voters.  We know that voting is one critical component of making our community more powerful and more engaged in helping to shape our civil society for the better-and we urge you to become actively involved in supporting this important project.

For more information on VIP, please contact MAS Freedom at (703) 642-6165, or by email at:

Let’s make sure that the power of the Muslim vote is heard-loudly and clearly-in 2010!


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