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March 22, 2010

MAS Freedom Supports UN Secretary’s Denunciation of Gaza’s Embargo

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As the Muslim American Society Freedom continues to advocate for the lifting of the embargo on Gaza through its broad based coalition and its Let Gaza Live campaign, world condemnation of the embargo continues. Check out the piece below concerning United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon’s visit to Gaza and his denunciation of the embargo.

Imam Mahdi Bray

Quote of the day: “The moral arc of the universe is long but it bends towards justice.”

MAS Freedom Supports UN Secretary’s Denunciation of Gaza’s Embargo

MASF Let Gaza Live Campaign Gaining Momentum

WASHINGTON, DC. (MASNET) Mar. 22, 2010 – On his visit last week to the Gaza territory, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon characterized the Israeli embargo of the 1.4 million inhabitants of Gaza as “not sustainable”, and causing “unacceptable suffering of human beings”. Mr. Ban went on to comment that the ongoing economic embargo only serves to empower “extremists” while making the peaceful and just resolution of the larger issue of the occupation of Palestine far more difficult to resolve.

These remarks were preceded by a similar conclusion voiced by John Holmes, United Nations Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs, who criticized the specific embargo on building materials that have left many residents of Gaza unable to repair or rebuild homes and essential infrastructure that was damaged or destroyed in the 2008-2009 Israeli military invasion of the territory, which resulted in the deaths of more than 1,300 Gaza residents.
MAS Freedom has launched our Let Gaza Live initiative as a principled response to the ongoing conditions confronting the people of Gaza, and the tragic complicity of U.S. foreign policy in maintaining this situation. We are building an interfaith outreach to religious communities and activists throughout the United States, and asking hundreds of thousands of individuals to send a simple postcard to the President of the United States, calling on him to use the political and economic power of the U.S. government to persuade Israel and Egypt to lift the Gaza embargo.

But while the international community continues to voice criticism and outrage over the continuous Israeli state policy related to Gaza and all of Palestine, there is another voice of opposition that is rising to defy the government in Tel Aviv: Progressive Jewish voices are becoming more vocal in canning for an end to the Gaza blockade and the cessation of new Israeli settlements, especially in East Jerusalem, a traditional home of many Palestinians and the likely capital of a future independent Palestinian state. Indeed, the most recent authorization of 1,400 new exclusively Jewish housing units in East Jerusalem drew uncharacteristically sharp criticism from U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The week of March 22nd will witness a very large gathering in Washington, D.C. of the pro-Israel political lobby led by AIPAC. No doubt, this group will push the United States government for continued military assistance to Israel and the continuation of the cozy “business as usual” relationship between Washington and Tel Aviv. The United States has already committed some $30 billion in foreign assistance to Israel from 2009-2019-money which will support both the expansion of settlements on Palestinian land and the military domination, by Israel, of any new Palestinian national entity.

But the world continues to watch, and build greater opposition to, the continued embargo of Gaza and the forced expulsion of Palestinians from their traditional homeland.

And one more thing is certain. With the United Nations clearly opposed to the embargo, and with mounting vocal opposition from Jewish groups and leaders in the United States, it isn’t possible to hand the canard of “Anti-Semitism” around the necks of those courageous people, including many of the Jewish tradition, who view Israel’s policies of occupation and economic warfare as not only unsustainable, but morally unacceptable as well.

Ibrahim Ramey


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