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March 24, 2010

Keith Ellison – Three vs. Me

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As a private citizen I support Congressman Keith Ellison. The Campaign letter below is placed by me as a private citizen and does not reflect the views of support of any organization that I may have an affiliation with. Check out the letter, Imam Mahdi Bray

Quote of the Day: “The only way that evil can triumph is for good people to do nothing.”

On Sunday, we passed historic legislation that will reform America’s broken health care system. Despite our opponents’ endless attacks and scare tactics, despite the millions of dollars spent by special interests to kill reform – we rejected the politics of fear and voted to expand prosperity for every American. Our opponents will repeal our historic reforms if given the chance, so I need your support more than ever to continue standing up for America’s working families.

I now have three opponents trying to take my seat in Congress – all of whom are attacking the progressive values you and I share.

  • Lynne Torgerson continues to relentlessly attack my faith while openly promoting an anti-Muslim mindset. Her blatant intolerance is an insult to our belief in religious freedom.
  • Tea Party activist Barb Davis White is working tirelessly to distort my record. She’s falsely accused me of “abdicating your Constitutional rights” by voting to reform America’s broken health care system.
  • My newest opponent, Republican Joel Demos, falsely accused me of wanting to “fundamentally transform this nation to a government-controlled and dependent country”.

My opponents are using the politics of fear to attack my record and the progressive values you and I share. They’ll stop at nothing to distract voters from the real issues.

I’m running my campaign as I always have – by talking about the work I’m doing in Congress.

Now that we’ve passed comprehensive health care reform, I need your support more than ever to continue the fight for working families. Your support will help counter our opponents’ attacks and reach voters with the truth about how we’re strengthening our communities and reversing the damage done by George W. Bush.

I’ve set a goal to reach 100 donors in the next 72 hours. Please help counter our opponents’ endless attacks by making a contribution of $5 or more today.

Thank you in advance for your quick and generous response.


Keith Ellison

Keith Ellison


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