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March 30, 2010

MAS Freedom Immigration National Coordinator Participates in North Carolina Immigration “Pilgrimage”

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Still rocking from that double standard drama concerning the “Christian militia”. In case you didn’t notice, not one word of their religious affiliation on belief was mentioned in the FBI indictment, hmmm wonder why? But enough about those violent “religious” terrorists, every religion has its nuts. See how Muslims, Christians, Jews, African Americans, Whites and Latinos are resisting the “nuts” and haters to forge a progressive coalition to fight for immigration rights and reform. Check out the piece below.

Imam Mahdi Bray

Quote: “America how ironic, a nation of immigrants scared of immigrants.”

MAS Freedom Immigration National Coordinator Participates in North Carolina Immigration “Pilgrimage”

Khalilah Sabra, MAS Freedom National Immigration Coordinator, joined the North Carolina Latino community and a broad based coalition in their campaign for comprehensive immigration reform and justice for Latino immigrant workers. The immigrant right campaign, called “Pilgrimage”, began last Sunday in Charlotte with a walk to the Charlotte immigration detention center, followed by a rally at Veterans Park on Monday, March 29th.

The walk continued in Hickory NC, and was joined by a major contingency from the Hickory Chapter of the NAACP. The coalition proceeded to US Representative Patrick McHenry’s office to discuss immigration issues and then walked to an immigrant gathering in Morganton, NC.

Khalilah Sabra stated that, “Immigrant homes are routinely raided. Hundreds of thousands of people are imprisoned, some for an indefinite period and without access to medical care. Thousands are deported away from their families without a fair day in court. In the past year, more than 500 illegal immigrants have been deported as a result of a fingerprint system at the Wake County sheriff’s Office in Raleigh that automatically tells federal immigration agents they are in the county jail. Wake County joined the Federal Secure Communities program about a year ago, along with Durham, Orange and seven other counties across the North Carolina. Since then, Wake County has placed nearly 700 undocumented people into federal custody – mostly for minor infractions of the law. According to an article in January 4th issue of Nation Magazine, there is a ‘secret detention center’ in Cary where immigrants are held before they are sent to Charlotte.”

MAS Freedom joined the walk to affirm our belief that we need comprehensive immigration policy reform, justice for farm workers and a change in United States trade policies.

On March 30th, the coalition will be in Greensboro, North Carolina, starting at Guilford College and later joining in a painting of a mural on the cost of war. Then the coalition members will march to downtown Greensboro and have a press conference at the site of the proposed new jail that will house immigrants.


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