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May 13, 2010

MAS Freedom Joins ANSWER Coalition and Others in National Day of Action Against BP

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Quote of the Day:

They profit in Iraq, and they profit in the Gulf.  Seize BP and bring them to a halt.  Seize BP and all their profits!  The only green they care about is what goes in their pockets.

MAS Freedom Joins ANSWER Coalition and Others in National Day of Action Against BP

Yesterday, Imam Mahdi Bray joined the ANSWER Coalition and other organizations in a Seize BP demonstration in front of the Washington, DC, British Petroleum (BP) Amoco Corporation Government Affairs Office located at 1101 New York Avenue NW.

The demonstration was in response to what may be America’s greatest environmental disaster as a result of BP’s corporate irresponsibility and long history of safety violations.  BP’s corporate negligence, and their complicity in lowering safety standards for offshore oil exploration, has resulted in a tragic loss of human life and as much as 500,000 gallons a day of toxic crude oil now spewing into the Gulf of Mexico.  The demonstration in Washington was in conjunction with similar demonstrations held in 17 other American cities.

Under the Oil Pollution Act, all companies are responsible for the oil removal and clean up costs for massive oil spills, and their liability for all other forms of damages is capped at $75 million – a pittance for a company that made $5.6 billion in profits in just the last three months.  BP is expected to make $23 billion in profit in 2010 year.

The demonstrators were asking “why should BP and oil companies have any immunity from responsibility for the damage they caused?”

MAS Freedom, ANSWER and concerned citizens are calling for the assets of BP to be seized and placed in a trust fund in order to ensure that the cost of damage that BP has caused through its negligence and greed not be passed on to the American taxpayers.  BP and their oil cronies should be responsible for all expenses related to this environmental disaster which they have caused.  For those who would like to be more involved with this issue, please click here, sign the petition and volunteer to assist in this important national environmental and economic campaign.


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