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May 17, 2010

We Are All Arizona? Not!

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Ex-half time Governor Sarah Palin announced over the weekend that “We’re All Arizona”.  Not me!  Check out the piece below.  Imam Mahdi Bray.

Quote of the Day: “Me doth think that the lady protests too much.”

We Are All Arizona? Not! 

Governor Palin’s Anti-Immigrant Grandstanding Misses the Point, Yet Again

Someone once commented about the irony of simple minds that demand so much attention andtake up so much territory in the national discourse about issues that they clearly have nothingto contribute to.  This observation is particularly fitting for the former Governor of Alaska, who has, seemingly,jumped on the SB 1070 immigration law in Arizona as a way of elevating her profile, and stature, within the arch-conservative wing of the Republican Party. 

Ms. Palin’s latest diatribe came at an Arizona rally last weekend in favor of the legislation. She uttered the soon-to-be-infamous statement that  “We are all Arizona”-as if this particular immigration law has the backing of the whole nation-she then threw a jab at President Obama, claiming that he should “do his job” and “protect” the borders of the United States.  

While this statement may resonate with the Tea Party crowd, it smacks of her appalling ignorance about not only the law, but about the potential backlash against her party from Latinos, Muslims, African-Americans, and a host of other constituencies that find SB 1070 to be troubling at best, and both potentially racist in the enforcement of the law. 

The push-back isn’t just from the political Left, either:  The Phoenix Suns basketball team recently wore jerseys with the Spanish name Sols de Phoenix to symbolize their solidarity with their Latino fans, many of whom could be targets of the new law.  A Chicago school basketball team boycotted a tournament in Arizona.  Two Mexican universities have cancelled student exchange programs with Arizona universities, out of fear that their students might be harassed when visiting the state.  Civil rights organizations are mounting constitutional challenges to SB 1070.  Other groups have vowed to cancel lucrative convention bookings in the state. Many Latin American tourists are threatening to stay away from Arizona.  And on, and on.  

But the real tidal wave of anti-SB 1070 anger may well show up at the polls, where potentially huge numbers of Latinos, and their allies, are likely to voice their angst and even resentment at the ballot box.  Such a reaction will not be to deny the critical need for national immigration reform.  But changing immigration law is a matter for the national legislature and not the executive branch, Ms. Palin.  And there are, when last I checked, both an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency and a Department of Homeland Security. 

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer has pledged that “racial profiling” will not be tolerated in the process of enforcing SB 1070.  That’s likely to be as credible as saying that law-abiding Muslims will be treated equally at airport screening checkpoints. 

In the final analysis, the massive problems facing the nation, including massive trade and budget deficits, high unemployment, and a militarized national economy, will not be solved by false appeals to xenophobic sentiments or the scapegoating of millions of people-both documented and “illegal”-who overwhelmingly contribute to the well-being of the nation.  

Sarah Palin is, by all accounts, far from being the sharpest intellectual knife in the G.O.P. drawer, but even she will be likely to understand the massive political fall-out that may well come down against her Republican allies this November. 

Note – MAS Freedom is opposed to SB 1070 and is working with a broad based coalition to overturn SB 1070.  In addition, MAS Freedom has launched through its various chapters throughout the US a “No More Arizona” campaign which opposes racial profiling and calls for the enactment of serious immigration reform in the US. 

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