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May 24, 2010

No Choice, No Voice

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I remember my grandparent’s house the night the Klan attacked.  There was fire, bullets and my grandmother and aunties body over us as a shield for protection.  I remember “cousin” Buddy beaten to death on a railroad track in North Carolina.  Believe it or not all this was happening to our elders, because they were registering people to vote.  If voting is so unimportant, why were some people in America denied the vote?  Why was violence used to stop some people from voting?  The price for voting in America has been paid in tears and blood.  I know the reality of what’s being described here is heavy, so I’ll lighten it up.  Check out below the recycled wacky video “No Choice, No Voice.”  It provides some comic relief around the issue.  But never forget someone paid a price for you and I to have the right to vote.  Imam Mahdi Bray

Quote of the Day: “Freedom ain’t free.”

No Choice, No Voice

MAS Freedom is gearing up nationally for its 2010 Voting is Power (VIP) Campaign.  VIP focuses on voter registration, voter education and voter mobilization.  Also, MAS Freedom is placing special emphasis on identifying the battleground states, districts and cities for 2010 in which the Muslim block vote could be a decisive factor in the electoral results.  If you are interested in volunteering for the VIP Campaign please contact us at 1888-627-8471

Check out the wacky video featuring Mustafa Gatollari and Imam Mahdi Bray on voting rights.

Click to view video


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