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May 25, 2010

MAS Freedom Launches On-Line Petition Drive for Let Gaza Live Campaign

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In the 21st century no human being should have to live like the people of Gaza. We can and we must lift the embargo of Gaza. Check out the action Item below.

Imam Mahdi Bray

Quote of the day: “There is a time when silence is betrayal.”

MAS Freedom Launches On-Line Petition Drive for Let Gaza Live Campaign

Muslim American Society Freedom-MAS Freedom- has now officially launched our Let Gaza Live electronic petition drive.  We encourage all of our supporters to go to our electronic petition on the internet, sign it, and forward this link to no fewer than 10 individuals and/or institutions in the community who support the human rights of the people of Gaza, and the positive engagement of the United States government in genuine support for the human rights of the Palestinian people.

This on-line petition drive is envisioned as a “viral” internet campaign – that is, one that can be transmitted electronically to hundreds, and thousands, of supporters.  The link to the petition can be found at:

Let Gaza Live has already attracted the attention and support of notable leaders in both the interfaith community and among organizations that support the human rights of more than 1.4 million Palestinians who suffer from the intentional economic blockade of the Gaza territory.  Already, leaders from the Muslim, Protestant, Catholic, Jewish and Unitarian communities have enrolled in the Let Gaza Live campaign as supporters.

The effort to end the economic blockade of Gaza has also enlisted the vigorous support of some 54 members of the United States Congress, who signed a letter in January, 2010 to President Obama, urging the president to use his authority to persuade both Israel and Egypt to end the blockade and to allow the free transport of humanitarian and essential goods into Gaza.

Ibrahim Ramey, the coordinator of this initiative at MAS Freedom, noted that “the end of the Gaza blockade is a necessary step in establishing not only justice for all the people of Palestine, but peace, justice, and mutual security for all the peoples of the region.  We sincerely believe that the Obama administration can become instrumental in ending this boycott, and in laying the groundwork for the eventual end to the cycle of violence that has plagues this part of the world for so many years.”

“If everyone who believe in universal justice, human rights, and an end to unjust collective punishment will send this petition link to all of their email contacts, we can build a huge popular base of support for this cause that the U.S. government cannot ignore”, Ramey continued.

Let Gaza Live also offers post cards for mailing to President Obama, and other materials that support the humanitarian response to the Gaza crisis.  For more information on how you can support the Let Gaza Live initiative, please call MAS Freedom at (888) 627 8471.


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