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June 15, 2010

BP Must Be Made Fully Accountable for the Catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico

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Tonight, from the oval office, President Obama will address the nation concerning the horrific BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  It’s time that the President really holds BP accountable for what is tantamount to criminal neglect and abuse.  For profit BP was willing to sacrifice the environment and livelihood of the entire gulf region.  This is unconscionable.  The assets of BP must be seized in order to ensure that they are held financially responsible for this national disaster that their greed has created.  Check out the piece below.  Imam Mahdi Bray

Quote of the Day: “There’s only so much oil in the ground.  Sooner or later there won’t be any around.  Tell that to your kids while you’re driving downtown.  There’s only so much oil in the ground.  Can’t cut loose without that juice.”

BP Must Be Made Fully Accountable for the Catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico

The environmental and economic Apocalypse created by the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico continues a daily path of devastation and pain that is rapidly spreading and affecting the entire nation.  British Petroleum has “pledged” to pay for the spiraling damages created by their corporate negligence, despite the artificially, and ridiculously, low financial cap on their liability.  The United States government meets, debates, and threatens BP with greater penalties, but the government is not seen as playing a decisively effective role in stopping the deluge of toxic oil gushing into American waters.

It’s way past time for the President to get tough, and effective, on this issue.  So here are the things that we recommend that he, and the Congress, do immediately:

1.  The United States government should demand a massive compensation fund from not only British Petroleum, but from the Trans-ocean and Halliburton corporations as well. This money-clearly in the tens of billions of dollars, at least–must not only pay for the immediate clean-up of the spill and the capping of the still-active underwater oil well, but it must also provide for the economic “conversion” of the economies that are being obliterated by this disaster.  There must be adequate money to pay for damages, and if necessary, to sustain families and communities that will not be able to come back to work in either the seafood harvesting or the off-shore oil industries. Vast segments of the work force must be re-trained and re-deployed, and untold numbers of entrepreneurs must be helped.

If the administration can bail out banks in difficulty, they can-and must-help individual families and communities. If necessary, they must force the liquidation of corporate assets to pay for this mess.

2. President Obama must exercise vigorous government oversight of the BP clean-up, and not leave the technology, or operations at the discretion of the corporate culprits.  That is to say, the fox that wrecks the hen house must not be allowed to determine how to re-build it.

3. Finally, the offshore drilling moratorium must continue.  There is pressure from both the oil industry to keep drilling, and jobs in the oil producing sector of the economy are certainly in jeopardy.  But the damage done to these interests pales in comparison to the damage already done to the overall economy, to the ecosystem of the Gulf of Mexico, and to the Atlantic Ocean coastline of the United States.

Millions of people in this nation, and throughout the world, call for decisive action by the American president and government to respond to this unprecedented man-made disaster.  It will be both enormously difficult and enormously costly for the nation to even partially fix this gargantuan problem.  But that is what the federal government is for, and what, in this time of crisis, they must be ready to do.

Ibrahim Ramey


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