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June 17, 2010

MAS Freedom Stands for Justice in Arizona; Supports Boycott Over Unfair Immigration Laws

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The opposition against Arizona SB 1070 legislation which allows for racial profiling continues to grow especially those who are willing for principal reasons to engage in an economic boycott of the state.  It is critical that people of conscience continue to resist this racist legislation and hold the “Arizona State Government’s feet to the fire.” Check out the piece below.

Quote of the Day:  “If there’s anything that history has shown it is that a few can make a difference among many.  The struggle continues and we continue to struggle.”

MAS Freedom Stands for Justice in Arizona; Supports Boycott Over Unfair Immigration Laws

Ever since SB 1070- Arizona’s new, punitive immigration law was signed by Governor Jan Brewer on April 23rd, 2010, major cities in America, labor unions, and human and civil rights organizations from a wide spectrum of communities across the nation have rallied to the defense of immigration rights and basic fairness by calling for an economic boycott of business interests in the state.

Already, the city of San Francisco, California, has suspended business partnerships with the state of Arizona, and city council resolutions calling for a suspension of the anti-immigrant law have been introduced in numerous cities across America.  And on June 16th, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), a national labor organization with two million members, has called for a boycott of the state.

But Arizona stands to lose more than billions of dollars in lost revenue from conventions and tourism that won’t be coming to spend money in the state.

Major business entities are also targeted for boycotts by civic organizations and consumers in America.  Arizona corporations on the growing boycott list include the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team, the Dial Corporation, Mesa Air Group, Discount Tire Company of America (the nation’s largest automobile tire company, and even the Grand Canyon, a popular national destination for tourism.  And the list of targeted companies is growing day by day.

There is also evidence that SB 1070 raises major ethical concerns for religious organizations in Arizona and throughout the nation.  The United Church of Christ (a major mainstream Protestant denomination) officially supports the boycott of Arizona businesses.  The Interfaith Immigration Coalition in Arizona has mobilized members for gatherings and vigils in protest against the new law, while some Catholic, Methodist and Unitarian churches have voiced strong opposition to the new immigration law and support for the Arizona boycott as well.

According to national boycott organizers, the action is being taken to pressure Arizona to rescind SB 1070, which would target persons suspected of being undocumented immigrants and force legal U.S. immigrants to carry documents and identification with them as proof of their legal status in the United States.

Many activists, especially human rights organizations in the national Latino community, have compared the new law to the pass laws in Apartheid-controlled South Africa, which compelled African people to “prove” that they belonged in white-controlled areas of the racially divided nation.

The impact of the national boycott will also likely be amplified by the anticipated decline in Arizona tourism from Mexico, Central America, and South America.

Hundreds of thousands of workers and activists are now being mobilized in Arizona to engage in nonviolent mass actions to affirm immigrant rights in the state, and to call for comprehensive national immigration reform.

MAS Freedom, one of the plaintiffs in a legal action against SB-1070, is firmly committed to overturn this legislation, and to call for a system of fair and humane reform in the national immigration policies.  We believe that the tool of targeted economic boycotts, used so successfully in the civil rights movement in the United States and in the anti-oppression struggle in South Africa and elsewhere, is an appropriate tactic that can be used to challenge and reverse anti-immigrant policies in Arizona.

We call on Muslim individuals and organizations in America, who face many of the same immigration discrimination and challenges that confront the national Latino community and other people of color in the USA, to join the growing Boycott Arizona movement, and by doing so, put out national economic power to work for real legal reform and support for the legitimate civil rights of our own community, and all people in America.

For more information about Boycott Arizona, go to:

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