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June 29, 2010

Marginal Victory, But Imam Foad Still Needs Your Help

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Marginal Victory, But Imam Foad Still Needs Your Help

As Freedom is happy to report that the political asylum case of Imam Foad Farahi in Florida has been re-opened.  But there is still a great deal of work to do to secure Foad’s full vindication before the court, and his freedom from possible deportation from the United States.

As we have previously reported, Foad, a legal resident of the United States, grew up in Kuwait and is technically a citizen of Iran because of the nationality of his father, although he has never set foot in that country and could face difficulty or prejudice in Iran if he were to be deported there.  The United States is seeking his deportation to Iran, despite his Sunni faith and his recognized leadership in the Muslim and interfaith communities of South Florida.

The re-opening of Foad Farahi’s case before an immigration court represents a victory for fairness and due process.  It is clear that he has no hostile motives toward America, and that arguably, the FBI and others had attempted to coerce him into accepting a voluntary departure from the United States that was both morally and legally without merit.

MAS Freedom urges you to keep Foad in your dua’s, and to support his legal right to remain in the United States.  MAS Freedom also wishes to express its appreciation to Foad’s legal team and the outstanding legal advocacy and support work done by the Muslim Legal Fund of America.  We urge you to continue to support this case and its advocates.


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  1. “Ironically, it is this crucible experience that now places the American Muslim in the position of being the conscience of America. The government’s treatment of Muslim Americans during this period of near hysteria about homeland security is the new barometer of justice in the United States. Simply put, the yardstick today for measuring whether this country lives up to all the egalitarian ideas and principles embedded in the constitution and espoused to the world is its relationship with the over seven million Muslims who call the United States Home.” – American Muslim Council’s Erick Vickers on (In Ba-Yunus, I. and Kone, K., 2006, pg. 162).

    Comment by Miguel Gordillo — July 9, 2010 @ 7:39 am

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