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July 9, 2010

MAS Freedom Pushes Back on Anti-Mosque “Play Book” and Calls for Defense of Muslim Civil Liberties

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For the American Muslim and its leadership and organizations, second class citizenship is not an option. We are determined to defend our rights and not the least bit deterred by the bigots and haters. Check out the piece below. Imam Mahdi Bray

Quote of the Day: “They plan and Allah plans, and Allah is the best of Planners” (Holy Qu’ran)

MAS Freedom Pushes Back on Anti-Mosque “Play Book” and Calls for Defense of Muslim Civil Liberties

WASHINGTON, D.C. (MASF) July 9, 2010 – There is evidence that anti-Muslim forces and anti-mosque activists throughout American are using a “play book” written and distributed by an organization called “Stop Islamization of America” (SIOA) whose executive director, Pamela Geller, is deeply involved in opposing the plan to expand a mosque in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

The document, now available online, suggests that new mosque projects in American are linked to groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, and other formations in the Islamic world that have been categorized as “terrorist” entities.  A number of national Muslim organizations, including MAS, ICNA, and CAIR, are targeted in the publication as being representatives of radical Islam and promoters of the destruction of religious freedom in America.

One particular point of the online instruction guide informs anti-mosque groups about using local commercial zoning and traffic enforcement laws to galvanize community opposition to mosque building and expansion projects – in total contradiction to the constitutional right of freedom of religion that protects Muslims, and all religious communities, in the United States.

Imam Mahdi Bray of MAS Freedom commented that “the existence of this anti-mosque ‘instruction manual’ demonstrated that the forces in this country that demonize Islam and that seek to abridge the religious rights of Muslims are working in a systematic way to spread their ideology of Islamophobia.  But there is a larger community of interfaith people who do believe in basic decency and fairness, and we will need to make greater efforts to consolidate the support for our freedom of worship and expression. It is not ‘criminal’ to be a Muslim in America, even if people who hate Islam would like for our religion to be regarded this way.”

MAS Freedom will continue to inform you about this attempt to impede the religious liberties and freedom of worship of Muslims in America, and we welcome your support for our work to protect the collective and legitimate right of our community to establish houses of worship wherever we are.  Please contact Ibrahim Ramey, the MAS Freedom Human and Civil Rights Program Director, at (888) 627-8471, or email:, to help support the right of worship for Muslims in America!

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