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July 15, 2010

Taking On The Haters, Part 1: Pamela Geller Comes to CNN to Debate the “Mosque Threat” with Ibrahim Ramey

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The campaign to stop Muslims from exercising their religious and constitutional rights seems to be relentless.  The latest figure to join this un-American campaign to stop Muslims from building mosques is former Governor George Pataki who announced his opposition to building a mosque near Ground Zero on Fox News.  MAS Freedom through its ongoing “Faith Over Fear and Justice For All Campaign” will continue to defend the right of Muslims and all Americans to build houses of worship.  We encourage the Muslim community and all people of conscience to join us in defending this fundamental religious principle.  We’ve included below a blog piece by MAS Freedom’s Civil and Human Rights Director, Ibrahim Ramey and a video of his appearance on CNN Morning News defending the rights of Muslims to continue to build mosques in America.  Check out the piece below.  Imam Mahdi Bray.

Quote of the Day:  “Faith over fear and justice for all.”

Taking On The Haters, Part 1: Pamela Geller Comes to CNN to Debate the “Mosque Threat” with Ibrahim Ramey

I’m always surprised that tiny, bigoted minds get to claim so much territory in the American public discourse, but there I was, on an early morning CNN program on July 14th, in a “debate” with the notorious Pamela Geller.  (Click here for the CNN article and video). The discussion topic focused on the plan of the Cordoba Initiative to build a multi-purpose community center-including a worship place for Muslims-in the lower Manhattan neighborhood that witnessed the September 11, 2001 attack.

Ms. Geller, by the way, is the head of an organization called “Stop Islamization of America”, and the name of the group might suggest where she stands of respect for the religious liberties and civil rights of the American Muslim community. (Pamela Geller, on one of her personal blog entries in 2009, did manage to show her truly objective patriotic and unbiased sentiments by declaring that “pigs are cleaner than Prophet Muhammad”). She declared the proposed construction site to be “sacred ground”, and implied that a Muslims were insensitive to suggest that we have a right to build a mosque that had previously been approved for construction by the local community planning board.

My arguments, in response, simply stated what I believe to be clear truths: one, that Muslims have the same religious and civil rights that other people in America enjoy, and two, that this mosque initiative is potentially a good way to improve interfaith relations in America.  Muslims are part of the multi-faith American religious mosaic, and we no not, and should not, assume collective guilt for the criminal actions of some people done in the name of our religion.

But of course, in the eyes of the Islamophobic political Right, any Muslim who stands for the simple right of freedom of worship is surely obligated to lie and deceive the public for the sake of the forces conversion of the American masses and the brutal imposition of Sharia on the yet-to-be- “Islamicized”. For Ms. Geller and her hate-filled confederates, MAS is, of course, the “public face” of the Muslim Brotherhood and a sinister anti-American cabal bent on the hatred of Jews and the subversion of the (white) American way of life.  And so on, and so on, ad nauseum.

Yet both I and MAS Freedom continue to simply stand for basic civil liberties and equality before the law.  To be an American Muslim is not a crime.  And neither is it a crime for Muslim communities in America to build, or expand, our houses of worship.  Indeed, Muslims, all over America, are performing significant works of  charity, civic engagement, disaster relief, and community building in more than 1,200 mosques and community centers in the nation, and we are working quite harmoniously with neighbors and friends from other faith communities.  This is an inconvenient truth that Pamela Geller and company simply choose to ignore.

We invite all of you to join us as we assert the basic rights of Muslim communities in America to freely worship without undue interference or unwarranted suspicion.  Please call MAS Freedom at (888) 627-8471 and let us know of your interested in joining our campaign to support religious freedom for all who live in this nation!

Click HERE to see video on building a mosque near Ground Zero



  1. Apparently it was one of Geller’s readers who said that on Geller’s tightly controlled comments page, in response to a similar statement by Geert Wilders, one of Gellers heroes.

    Hateblogger Pamela Geller HAS said:

    “Ban Islam”:

    “I’d rather we blow up the whole world than surrender it to Islam.”:

    Innocent civilians “deserves what Hezbollah deserves”:

    Plus her and her commenters’ support for white supremacists (Terre’Blanche), terrorists (Kahane), and general unsubstantiated lunacy (Obama birth certificate).

    Comment by Robert4 — July 16, 2010 @ 7:47 am

  2. Muslim organizations need to take a more aggressive tone with the anti-Muslim bigots. I feel that this year, more so than any before, the anti-Muslim activists are making head-way in blocking Muslims and otherwise isolating and disenfranchising Muslims. We need to research what these people really stand for and expose them every time we get the chance. One of Pamela Geller’s recent rants was a condemnation of a Muslim woman who, when told she needed her chest examined at a hospital, merely asked for a female doctor to do the procedure. The same request from any non-Muslim woman would’ve been taken to be simply modesty or shyness, but from a Muslim it’s intolerably “unwesternized”. On her blog we find she supported the stoppage of at least 2 other mosques, in one case brought about by a massive anti-Muslim campaign in Brooklyn, even though she claims when she’s on TV that she’s not opposed to mosques being built in NY in general. She’s claimed that no Muslim has ever contributed anything to the body of science or mathematics, that Muslims ever stole knowledge from Jews and Christians. These claims should be laughable to an educated audience, but people swallow it hook line and sinker because nobody challenges her on it. She’s advocated on her site for war criminals who massacred Muslims in Bosnia. Where is the Muslim equivalent of the Anti-Defamation League to hold bigots like these accountable for the hate they advocate for.

    Comment by ibrahim — July 16, 2010 @ 8:47 am

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