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July 16, 2010

MAS Freedom Launches Protecting Mosques in America Campaign

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Qoute of the Day: “Our right as Muslims in America Are not negotiable”

Imam Mahdi Bray

MAS Freedom launches major campaign to protect religious freedom and Mosques in America

MAS Freedom Launches Protecting Mosques in America Campaign

WASHINGTON, D.C. (MASF) July 16, 2010 – Responding to the upsurge of anti Muslim sentiment that has resulted in a campaign to stop Muslims from building mosques, MAS freedom under its “Faith over Fear and Justice for All” initiative is launching a “Protect Mosques in America”. The campaign is designed to proactively counter Islamophobia and the growing efforts by a vocal minority group to stop the further building of Mosques in America. The latest research shows that such anti Muslim groups such as Pamela Geller “Stop the Islamazation of America” project, along with Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch, and some Tea Party Activists have joined forced with other anti Muslim groups to challenge the building of Mosques in America.

Research done by former Ambassador and Islamic Scholar, Dr. Akbar Ahmed of American University has shown that there is an increase in both challenges to Muslims building mosques and the desecration and vandalism of Muslims in America.  “Many individuals in America are looking at the challenge to build a mosque near ground zero as an isolated incident however, there is strong evidence to the contrary” stated Mahdi Bray executive director of Muslims American Society Freedom. “Anti Muslim groups in our society are challenging mosque building in two other separate sites in New York also, in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Southern California and many other regions throughout the united states. In Fact, these groups are so bold as to publish online a play book that both encourages and outlines tactics that can be used to stop American Muslims from building mosques. Clearly, this is an attempt to deprive American Muslims of their religious and constitutional rights. It smacks of bigotry and is un-American. We at MAS Freedom are determined to proactively resist those elements within our society that would attempt to trample on the fundamental cherished American principal of the freedom of religion. Our rights as Americans are not negotiable and second class citizenship is not an option,” Bray stated further.

MAS Freedom’s “Protecting Mosques in America” initiative will focus on intensifying public education focusing on Muslims and their houses of worship, broadening interfaith outreach, civil rights education pertaining to first amendment constitutional rights (Religious Freedom), and a rapid response team to assist communities whose mosque has either been vandalized or are facing opposition to them building lawfully a mosque in their city.

If you would like assist in this important initiative “Faith over Fear and Justice for all” in protecting mosques all across America contact Ibrahim Ramey, the MAS Freedom Human and Civil Rights Program Director, at (888) 627-8471, or email:, to help support the right of worship for Muslims in America!


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