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September 17, 2010

Black Farmer Takes $1.25 Billion Tractor Ride to Capitol Hill

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The American family farm has almost vanished. Huge corporations have unfairly taken advantage of the American farmer. Also, the Department of Agriculture has been negligent in their responsibilities to protect the American farmer. No place has this been more egregious the conditions of abuse and discrimination surrounding the African American farmer. Check out the piece below.

-Imam Mahdi Bray

Quote of the Day: “Justice delayed is justice denied.”

Black Farmer Takes $1.25 Billion Tractor Ride to Capitol Hill

John W. Boyd rode his tractor to Capitol Hill today. The founder and president of the National Black Farmers Association journeyed from northern Virginia across Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Bridge and up Constitution Avenue. He took the trip on behalf of thousands of black farmers who were promised $1.25 billion to redress past discrimination by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

They haven’t seen a penny of it. No legislation has been passed that provides the cash, despite both Democratic and Republican senators saying they support the farmers. Ben F. Burkett, 59, a black Mississippi farmer, believes that fear holds the senators back. Burkett told The Root, in an earlier interview, that in an election year, no politician wants an opponent to be able to say that he or she voted to give $1 billion to anyone. It doesn’t matter whether the money is justified or not…..

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MAS Freedom has sent a letter to the secretary of Agriculture (click to read MAS Freedom’s letter)requesting that his office move forward with all deliberate speed to pay the amount agreed upon in the settlement order for African American farmers who had been routinely and historically abused and discriminated against by the Department of Agriculture. MAS Freedom encourages you to also send a letter urging Secretary Tom Vilsack encouraging him to move forward with the payment of the discrimination settlement award. Contact  Secretary of Agriculture, Tom Vilsack, through email or fax [202- 720-2166]

Click here to read MAS Freedom’s Letter to Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack


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