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September 27, 2010

The Campaign to End the Embargo and Let Gaza Live Continues!

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The illegal occupation, the siege of Gaza and confiscation of Palestinian land continues. Check out the piece below.

– Imam Mahdi Bray

Quote of the Day: No justice, no peace.

The Campaign to End the Embargo and Let Gaza Live Continues!

The world now anxiously awaits reports on the progress in negotiations between the Palestinian Authority on the West Bank and the State of Israel.  The (elected) Hamas government in Gaza is, of course, regarded as an anathema by both Israel and the Western allies of the United States, and is officially excluded from the peace process.  But there remains, at least for the most optimistic among us, some sense that progress between Israelis and Palestinians on the issue of a peaceful and just co-existence might be possible.

But the situation in Gaza, especially since the interception of the Free Gaza humanitarian flotilla on May 31st, remains as precarious as ever.  It is true that Egypt temporarily relaxed the blockade of the southern border of the territory, and Israel, on the other end, allowed, for the first time since 2007, a substantial amount of infrastructure building material to pass overland into Gaza in early September, 2010.

But the political dynamics of negotiation are likely to keep most, if not virtually all, of the Israeli blockade of Gaza intact for the foreseeable future.  And that will mean that Palestinian men, women, and children in the territory will continue to be deprived of basic human needs, while the Israeli government indicates their unwillingness to agree to the demand by the PA that the freeze on settlement building in the West Bank continue.

And now, another large humanitarian flotilla is preparing to sail across the Mediterranean Sea in an attempt to deliver supplies to the residents of Gaza.  There are no assurances that Israel will allow this material to enter Gaza.  And so, the MAS Freedom campaign to End the Blockade and Let Gaza Live must continue.

Over the past summer, MAS Freedom has organized major fundraising and speaking events for the Let Gaza Live campaign throughout the United States, and tens of thousands of postcards have been distributed, calling on the United States president and the government to take the necessary action to force both Israel and Egypt to end the illegal economic strangulation of the territory and to allow the unimpeded flow of food, medicines, and building and infrastructure repair equipment into Gaza.  And now, more than ever, we most all re-dedicate our efforts to insist that the blockade come to an end.

The people of Gaza continue to suffer, even while the world listens to another round of talks about peace in the Middle East.  We are aware that the political elements of the issue may create some temporary, if inadequate, opening of the border(s) that allow limited humanitarian supplies into the territory.  But human lives must not be held hostage by politics, and this suffering must end.

These are the things that you can do to join this great effort and support the End the Embargo-Let Gaza Live Campaign!

-Ibrahim Ramey

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