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October 6, 2010

MAS Freedom Encourages the Muslim-American Community to Educate, Mobilize, and Register!

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Election 2010 is no joke folks. Check out the piece below.

Imam Mahdi Bray

Quote of the day: “On election day, brothers and sisters take your souls to the polls.”

MAS Freedom Encourages the Muslim-American Community to Educate, Mobilize, and Register!

What’s Really At Stake in Election 2010

Unlike any mid-term election in recent memory, the political contest in November, 2010 will be more than a simple referendum on the progress and vision of the administration of President Obama, or the current fortunes of the Democratic Party in the House of Representatives and the Senate.  It will be, for the Muslim-American community, a watershed election that could very well determine the trajectory of events that will impact the security and well-being of Muslims  among other communities) in America, not only for the next two years, but potentially well into the future.

Conventional wisdom has it that the political party that holds the White House – in this case, the Democrats, can expect to lose a number of seats in the House and Senate in elections that takes place in the middle of a presidential term.  This is what happened in 1994, when the so-called Republican “Contract with America” was introduces in the first term of the Bill Clinton administration, and then again in 2006, when the Democratic Party gained majority control of the Senate and the House during the presidency of George W. Bush.

But now, with the rise of Right-wing political “fundamentalism” in the form of the Tea Party movement, and a broad attack on the legislative agenda of the Obama administration, stakes are even higher.  MAS Freedom, it should be noted, is not a partisan organization, and we do not endorse political parties or individual candidates in local state, or national races.

But we are a principled Muslim organization, and as such, we call on Muslims all over America, and especially in key election races, to register to vote, mobilize their communities, and educate our constituents about what is at stake for us if the current minority party in the House and Senate were to re-gain majority control:

1. Health Care Reform would face a huge challenge, including a likely vote to repeal key elements of the Obama health care initiative that seeks to create universal health insurance (by 2014), state-wide health insurance exchanges, and an expansion in insurance coverage for uninsured children and the working poor.

2. Immigration Reform would witness more challenges from the political Right, including more initiatives like SB-1070 in Arizona, militarized border patrols, and the de facto targeting of persons identified by law enforcement as Latinos or Muslims.  Although these immigration initiatives deny that they are “racist” in intent, there is little doubt that such harsh and even draconian measures would result in more unjustified searches, arrests, and other civil rights violations of innocent people.

3. The House Judiciary Committee would change its partisan balance (and the committee chair) and would likely not be inclined to investigate civil rights issues related to the federal prison system (such as the Communications Management Units that currently house a disproportionate number of Muslim inmates and deny them the right to unhindered freedom of worship while restricting their ability to communicate by telephone with family members).  Moreover, legitimate investigations about delays in Muslim immigration and citizenship applications, or even the unwarranted targeting of Muslim-American citizens at airport security checkpoints, could very well be sidetracked by unresponsive committee members.

Add to all of this the fact that a significant part ( though not all) of the opposition to Muslim religious freedoms and the building of mosques and community centers in America, coupled with the demonization of Muslim Americans in general, comes from the same political tendency that opposes, and even hates, the president.

Just as in 2006, when the Muslim vote in Virginia was widely acknowledged as a central factor in a political race that changes the partisan balance of power in the U.S. Senate, we believe that Muslims can be a factor in defending, and shaping, a national political agenda that is good for us, and we believe, the great majority of people in America.

The stakes are critical.  The time is now.  MAS Freedom urges all Muslims who are eligible to vote to” take your souls to the polls”, and become part of the great political mobilization that will help to strengthen the ideal of One Nation Working Together.

This is the sweet tea of progress, harmony, and justice that we should be brewing, not only for Muslims, but for all people in America who seek a better and more just nation for all of us.


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