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November 30, 2010

Another Muslim-basher from North Carolina Enters the Congress

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Muslims are well- acquainted with Islamophobia antics of Sue Myrick. Unfortunately, in the 2012 Congress, she will have a Congressional companion in the name of Renee Ellmers. Check out the piece below.

-Imam Mahdi Bray

Quote of the Day: Birds of a feather flock together…and so do Islamophobes.

Another Muslim-basher from North Carolina Enters the Congress

The newly elected congresswoman from the Second Congressional District of North Carolina is Renee Ellmers, who won her election this past November against the incumbent Democrat Bob Etheridge. Ms. Ellmers was supported by the conservative Tea Party movement, and she has wasted no time in staking out a position that apparently uses the terms “Muslim” and “terrorist”  interchangeably.

Like Representative Sue Myrick, who has vigorously and persistently attacked Muslim organizations for offenses that exist only in her imagination, Congresswoman-elect Ellmers prefers to think of Muslims in the most derogatory and prejudicial way.  In an interview with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on September 30th, she attacked the idea of the Park 51 Project of the Cordoba Initiative, calling the proposed New York City mosque a “victory Mosque”, and implying that it might be financed by extremist elements at war with America.

Also, in a video produced by her political campaign, she claimed that “there will never be a mosque at Ground Zero”.  Apparently, the Congresswoman-elect did not bother to find out that (1) the proposed Islamic center is not on the site of the September 11, 2001 attacks, and (2) the proposed building site already has an active prayer place for Muslims-as does the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia.

We do hope that the Congresswoman-elect might spend some time getting to know her Muslim neighbors in North Carolina and the United States.  We think that she just might find our community to be vigorous, progressive, and a true asset to the nation-and not the “terrorists” that her unfortunate stereotypes suggest that we are.

Ibrahim Ramey


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