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April 18, 2011

Imam Mahdi Bray and MAS Freedom speak at Syrian rally

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Quote of the day: “Truth crushed to the earth, still rises.” 

Imam Mahdi Bray


On Saturday, April 16th, despite a driving rainstorm, MAS Freedom Executive Director Imam Mahdi Bray joined hundreds of spirited and determined demonstrators at the Syrian Embassy in Washington, DC to demand an end to the brutal repression of Syrian pro-democracy demonstrators at the hands of Syrian police and security forces of the regime of President Bashir Assad.  The embassy demonstrators, including Muslims and their allies in the U.S. human rights advocacy community, gathered in solidarity with their Syrian sisters and brothers who,, despite suffering hundreds of deaths and injuries, persist in their demand that the Syrian president step down and so that the nation can chart a new future, with respect for universal human rights and genuine democracy.
Many speakers at the rally also recounted gruesome stories of mass killing of dissidents in Syria at the hands of the regime.  In fact, the Syrian president has vowed to continue his violent crackdown under the false pretense of preventing “sabotage”, especially in the Syrian capital city of Damascus.

 Imam Bray, who came to the rally while recovering from a serious illness, excited the crowd by proclaiming that the Muslim American Society Freedom, as leading voice for human rights advocacy in the United States, stood in complete solidarity with the dissident forces in Syria who are suffering at the hands of a violent, dictatorial regime that is becoming more desperate and brutal each day in their refusal to give power to the Syrian people.

Imam Bray stated that “MAS Freedom’s participation in this rally, and our support t for the popular freedom movement that is sweeping the Muslim and Arab world, is a moral and spiritual imperative.  American Muslims and their institutions must not remain silent while governments in majority-Muslim nations use violence and brute oppression in attempting to stop the God- given desire of people for freedom and human dignity.”

Click here to watch Imam Mahdi Speak at the Syrian Rally


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  1. Alhamdulillah! It’s great to see Br. Mahdi is back in action. May Allah continue to bless him and his family and grant them the best of this world and the next. =D

    Comment by merduh — June 17, 2011 @ 7:53 pm

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