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July 9, 2014

American Muslim Alliance Calls For Congressional and Presidential Action in Response to NSA and FBI Spying on American Muslim Community Activists

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American Muslim Alliance Calls For Congressional and Presidential Action in Response to NSA and FBI Spying on American Muslim Community Activists


Washington, DC July 9, 2014 – The American Muslim Alliance (AMA) responds to a report published by First Look Media indicating FBI and NSA surveillance of its founder, Dr. Agha Saeed, and other activists in the American Muslim communities by calling for immediate Presidential and Congressional action.

According to AMA’s National Director, Mahdi Bray, “American Muslims were targeted by the NSA and FBI for surveillance based on religious views and Islamophobic hysteria. This type of unwarranted government surveillance should not only be troubling to American Muslim communities but all freedom loving Americans. It clearly runs counter to the core principles of freedom of speech, religion and association which underpin the very fabric of our nation. It is imperative that this government intrusion into the lives of its citizens not only be exposed, but brought to a halt. As citizens, we cannot rely on a government fig leaf response to this unconscionable behavior. It is for this very reason that AMA is calling for Presidential and Congressional action.”

We are well aware that in the 1960s and 1970s, civil rights leaders and activists were subjected to wiretapping and other unlawful and abusive government surveillance practices based not on what they had done, but what they believed and who they were. These practices continue today with some American Muslims being coerced into become informants against their own communities.

AMA calls on Congress and the Obama Administration to provide a full public accounting of these practices and to strengthen protections against the infringement of civil liberties and human rights. This is why AMA is calling for Congressional hearings similar to the Church Committee which exposed the extent of the infiltration of Civil Rights groups and spying on their members.


“It is time that Congress exercises its responsibility of oversight by holding hearings in which the American public can better be informed of the true extent of this surveillance. The past has shown us that we cannot trust government assurances of fairness and legality when this surveillance is being conducted without sufficient public oversight,” Bray further stated.


We believe that through such oversight we can begin to provide a public platform to reaffirm the right of every civic and religious organization and individual in America to peacefully advocate for social justice at home and abroad without fear of government surveillance, intimidation, and harassment.

Mahdi Bray


1010 Vermont Ave Ste #718

Washington, DC 20006


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